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Self Adhesive Labels

Based in Johannesburg, our company produces a huge range of self adhesive labels for a range of industries including barcoding
the food and beverage industry, the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical labels and much, much more!
We have a proud history of producing top quality labels and stickers for small businesses and large corporations. No job is too large or too small. If you are looking for great service and excellent quality at competitive pricing we can help! Our modern presses can produce from the finest quality labels to blank barcode labels and everything in between.

Extremely Fast Turnaround Times, Guranteed!

We know that keeping large stocks of labels these days is simply too costly to be economically viable, so let us do the worrying!
We’ll get your labels to you in time!

Our Work Is 100% Guaranteed

In the unlikely event that our our is defective in any way we will replace the goods or refund your money.

Small Runs Or Large...

We cater for all sizes of businesses. So whether your need is for 5,000 2 color labels or 500,000 full color labels with all the bells and whistles, we can help you.

All Work Is Done Inhouse

Because we produce everything in-house, we can control the quality every step of the way.

Selecting The Correct Self Adhesive Label For Your Product Or Application

You may well think that a label is just a label and any old one will do. You will be wrong! It is vital that you understand what the conditions are where the label will be applied you product.
  • What material is your container made of?
  • Is is glass, plastic, paper?
  • If it is plastic what type of plastic will the label need to adhere to?
Supplying the answers to these questions will quickly help the label manufacturer to advise you what specific material would be best to give you ultimate label for your product.

Bear in mind that if you have different types of products you will be needing labels for, the specifications for each label may change.

Understanding specifically what you need when ordering labels, even for something as mundane as a shipping label will help yo to get get best prices for your labels or stickers.

You will also know that you will not have any problems with that label when it comes time to apply the label. If your labels are going to applied by hand the tolerances are less severe and most any type of label, die cut or but cut labels may be used.

If however you will be using an automatic labeling machine or even a semi-automatic machine to apply your labels you will need to supply us with with the exact specifications needed for your labels.
  • For machine applied labels you should know the width across the roll and the length of the label around the roll.
  • What core size should be used?
  • How many labels per roll?
  • Are the labels to be wound on the inside or the outside of the roll?
  • What is the maximum allowable outside dimensions of the roll?

Other questions you need to ask concern the intended use of your labels.

  • Will they be used in an indoor or outdoor environment?
  • Will you be needing a permanent or a removable adhesive, and what surface will you be applying the labels to?
  • Is the product container a funny shape that may require a custom design label to fit correctly?
  • Is it a flat surface?
  • At what temperature will the labels be applied?
  • Do they require a freezer adhesive perhaps?
  • Will the container be re-used which will necessitate a water soluble adhesive for these labels?
  • We do offer a 100% guarantee against defective workmanship so you are always dealing with us on a risk free basis.
  • Dealing with CFT Labels means you do not need to worry about your self adhesive labels.
  • We do the worrying for you!

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